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Brig. Narender Kumar, SM, VSM

Senior Fellow
Contact at: [email protected]

About the Researcher :

Brig Narender Kumar is an Infantry Officer with close to 15 years’ experience in counter insurgency and anti-terrorism operations  having served in Sri Lanka (Operation PAWAN) J&K and North East. He has been part of UN Mission in North Africa and had a tenure in Indian Training Team in a foreign country. He has served as Brigade Major in Western Theatre, Col Administration of a Division and Brig General Staff of an Area responsible for Northern Border. Commanded a Rashtriya Rifles battalion in J&K and Assam Rifles Sector in North East.

Academic Work.

Book Authored. " Challenges in the Indian Ocean Region: Response Options and


1.         "Jammu and Kashmir: The Emerging Contours and the Way Ahead", 

2.         "Pakistan: A Military Challenge in the Backdrop of Nuclear Symmetry"

3.         "Inexorable Proxy War by Pakistan: Need for Change in Strategic Perspective".


Authored chapters in the books.

1.         "Threat from China" edited by Bharat verma,

2.         "India's Security Interest in Her Neighbourhood" edited byDrShekherAdhikari.

3.         “South Asia Traditional and Non Traditional Security Threats” edited by DrShekherAdhikari

4.         "Handbook of Indian Defence Policy: Themes, Structures and Doctrines" Routledge India – 2016, edited by Prof  Harsh V. Pant..





Articles for various journals and magazines.

1          Art Of Military Leadership   -Infantry Journal Winter 2009

2          Preservation Of Military Character And Ethics   -Infantry Journal -Jun 2010

3.         Changing Nature of Conflict and Need For Empowering Infantry Soldier to Fight Unrestricted War            -Infantry Journal- Dec 2010

4.         Audacity in Military Leadership – Option or Compulsion         -Infantry Journal- Jun 2011

5.         The Infantry: In The Line of Duty  Infantry Journal- Dec 2011

6.         Strategic Vision An Imperative For Military Leaders      -Infantry Journal- Jun 2012

7          Ambiguous Wars: A New Challenge       -Infantry Journal- Dec  20112

8.         We Owe it You: Soldiers Who Never Say Die    -Infantry Journal- Jun 2013

9          Burning Desire         -Infantry Plus -2002

10        Empowering The Infantry An Obligation and Challenge         -CLAWS Journal Winter -10

11        Border Management with Myanmar A Strategic Imperative     -CLAWS Journal Summer-12

12        Contours of Conflict in Manipur: A Prognosis   -CLAWS Journal Winter-12

13        Changing Face of Conflict- Need to Reshape Military Philosophy   -CLAWS Journal Winter-13

14        Military Leadership A Vital National Strategic Asset     -CLAWS Scholar Warrior Spring 15

15        Second Round of Great Game Unfolding in Middle East        -CLAWS Web

16        Not the right time to demilitariseSiachen -CLAWS Web

17        Ukraine Crisis: A Lesson for Global Community and India     -CLAWS Web

18        Rise of Eurasian Heartland, Is Coming Together of Russia and China a Wake Up Call to India?  -CLAWS Web

19        Is India A Key To Resolve China’s Security Predicament In IOR?     Foreign Policy Research Centre -CSS

20        North East Region: Alaska of India          -IDR Winter 2014

21        Indomitable Spirit of Infantry: Need to Consolidate or Change           -Salute Magazine- Nov 11

22.       Stop Flirting With The Separatists (J&K) -Salute Magazine- Jun 15

23.       Geography: The Pivot of Military Strategy           -HAWS-Mountain Warrior

24.       Uttarakhand Disaster: Reminder for Introspection        -CDM: LalBahadurShastri National Academy of Administration,  Mussoorie

25.       Indian Diaspora An Exposed Flank In The Middle East           -Geopolitics, Magazine on Defence, Diplomacy & Security

26.       Security of Indian Diaspora in the Middle East a Challenge: Need Response Mechanism         - CLAWS Web



Current Projects:

1.         China’s Rise and Global Status in 2030: Possible Scenarios and Implication For India/ Region.

2.         Sri Lanka A Geostrategic Imperative For India   Chapter in a Book Being Edited by DrSahai

3.         Natural Disasters Threat To National And Regional Stability  CDM LBSNAA, Musoorie

4          Naga Peace Accord: A Glass Half Full    Research paper For CLAWS.

5.         Strategic Vision, Absorption Of Technology And Dogma: Key To Military Operations In The Mountains- For HAWS.

6.         Disaster Risk Reduction An Obligation of The State And the Subjects- Springer

7.         History of Disasters Show The Way Ahead-Springer.




Areas of Interest

1.         Indian Ocean Region.

2.         Force Structuring to deal with emerging threats with special ref to China.

3.         Counter Insurgency Operations and emerging situation in J&K & NE.

4.         South Asia and Emerging Security Paradigm.

5.         Instability in West Asia and Impact of collapse of states.

6.         Non Traditional Threats and Disaster Relief Operations.



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