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Col Anuraag Singh Rawat, SM

Senior Fellow
At CLAWS: July, 2018
Contact at: [email protected]

About the Researcher :

Col Anuraag Singh Rawat, SM is currently a Senior Fellow at CLAWS.

Career Profile

He is an alumnus of National Defense Academy, Indian Military Academy, Defense Services Staff College, Wellington and was commissioned into the Mechanised Infantry in 1994. He was awarded Sena Medal for gallantry while serving in Counter Insurgency Operations in J&K.

The officer has had an exposure in various command, staff and instructional appointments and commanded his Mechanised Infantry Battalion in the semi developed sector. In staff, the officer has been GSO-1of an Armoured Brigade in a Strike Corps, Assistant Military Secretary in the Military Secretary Branch,  Director in the Military Intelligence Branch and Military Assistant in a Command Headquarter. He has had instructional tenures at the Senior Command Wing of the Army War College, Mhow and School of Armoured Warfare, Ahmednagar.

Academic Qualification

He is an MSc in Defense Studies, has done MBA (HR) and is completing his MPhil in Def Studies presently.

Area of Interest

The officer is pursuing his research on the “Emerging Security Challenges in the Af – Pak Region (in the 2020 -2025 time frame) and Measures to Overcome Them.” 

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