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Research Intern

1.         Vacancies of Research Intern are available at Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS). CLAWS is an independent ‘Think Tank’ under the army and function five days a week from 0930 hours to 1730hrs.


            (a)       Essential Qualifications.  


(i)        Graduate or equivalent degree with IT skill  in  the field  for research work  any one of    the vertical     related to Global and Regional Security/National   Security /Military Strategy and Doctrine/ Military Technology, Defence Acquisition and Management.

(ii)       Higher Educational Qualifications will be preferred. 



            (b)       Consultancy Fee -  Rs 10,000/- per month approximately  


2.         Charter of Duties:-



(a)       Write minimum two web articles per quarter as per CLAWS research area.


(b)       Liaise with government departments, educational institutions Think Tanks and individuals, as applicable and use available material documents, records etc for research including travel outside Delhi.


(c)    Compile, transcribe and edit papers and proceedings of events like seminars, discussions etc, held by CLAWS, for their eventual publication in the form of a book/monographs/research paper.


(d)       Assist other researchers to organize events for CLAWS.


(e)        Any other task assigned by Director/Additional Director or as delegated. Sunch taks may include maintaining the library, archives and website or CLAWS, looking after publication etc.


(f)        It is mandatory to attend all seminars/RTs organized by CLAWS.


2.         Requested to forward updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) by 30 December 2016 at [email protected] and [email protected] . Interview of eligible candidates will be scheduled on 06 January 2016 at 1100hrs at CLAWS. 




1.         The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Chair of Excellence 2017-18 has been established at CLAWS to conduct research on strategic matters. The topic for 2017-18 is “Role of Indian Army in Nation Building”. The COAS Chair of Excellence will be tenanted by “Distinguished Fellow”, which will be an honorary designation bestowed upon an individual who is selected based on consistently demonstrated excellence in research pertaining to strategic studies. Fellowship will be awarded for period of one year commencing from 01 Sep 2017.  


2.         The Chair of Excellence will be open to all Veteran Army Officers with expertise in the fields of Global, Regional, National Security, Military Affairs and Defence Technology and Management.  

Selection for COAS Chairs of Excellence.

3.         The terms reference for COAS Chair of Excellence will be finalised by Chairman BoG and President EC. The application will be submitted to the Director CLAWS in response to advertisement posted on CLAWS web site. The short listed panel to be screened by Selection Committee (constituted by Chairman, BoG CLAWS) for selection. The recommendation of Selection Committee to be forwarded to VCOAS and Chairman BoG for approval of COAS & Patron CLAWS. 

Terms and Conditions for Chair of Excellence.

4.         The terms and conditions for Chair of Excellence are:-

(a)       Write one book on topic “Role of Indian Army in Nation Building” of 60,000 to 80,000 words within the period of CoE i,e one year. The book must bring out policy recommendations for implementation by government bodies, officials and / or other concerned authorities.

(b)       Conduct National Seminars/RT in the area of study in consultation with Director CLAWS.

(c)        Represent CLAWS at various forum/seminar/ RT with other think tanks/ academia/ government establishments based on directions of Director CLAWS.

(d)       Mentor research scholars at CLAWS in the area of study.

(e)       Liaise with government departments, educational institutions, Think Tanks and individuals, as applicable, and use available material documents, records at CLAWS library for research.

(f)        40% attendance is mandated. Any leave of absence will be sanctioned by Director CLAWS. However, Saturday, Sunday and all Gazetted Holidays as declared by Govt of India are closed days at CLAWS. 





5.         Chair of Excellence will be provided a consolidated Honorarium of Rs. 7, 20,000/- for a period of one year. Honorarium will be paid in the following manner:-

Ser No

Completion of Milestone

Terms of Payment

Amount Payable


Preliminary Milestone

At the start of the project

15% of Total Amount


1st Milestone

After the approval of the contents, research methodology and chaperterisation of the book.

20% of Total Amount



2nd Milestone

On conduct of Peer Review

20% of Total Amount



3rd Milestone

Approval of final Manuscript

30% of Total Amount


4th Milestone

On publication of book

15% of Total Amount

Termination of CoE.

6.         The performance will be evaluated by the Board of Governors if, the progress on the project is unsatisfactory, or that the provisions of rules are being violated, it reserves the right to terminate the grant for the project. In such an eventuality, the research material available at that point in time will be handed over to the Director CLAWS for use by the CLAWS, and copyright will be with CLAWS. 

Submission of Final Report.

7.         The final report which will be in the form of book, will be submitted to the Director CLAWS within one year from the date of commencement of research. It should be structured enough to be published as a book

Facilities to be Provided by CLAWS.

8.         CLAWS will offer the Distinguished Fellow office space and access to the Institution’s information services and other resources.

Application Procedure.

9.         Applicants should submit the proposal as under:-

            (a)       Synopsis on the said topic along with updated Curriculum Vitae.

            (b)       Two recent published papers. (From 01 January 2016 till date).

            (c)        Completed applications are to be mailed or emailed by 01 August 2017 to: 

                        The Director,

                        Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) RPSO Complex Army Parade                          Ground Parade Road, Delhi Cantonment New Delhi – 110010                                             Email: [email protected] or [email protected]







            Request for proposal (RFP) are invited from Historians/Authors/Writers for undertaking the project of writing the readable history of 1962 SINO-INDIAN WAR of approximately 80,000 words.  The manuscript will be completed within one year ie by 31 Aug 2018.  CLAWS will assist in research, site visits and access to photographs and veterans of the war.


            The complete BID document can be downloaded from the CLAWS web site @claws.in or obtained from CLAWS, RPSO Complex, Army Parade Ground Delhi Cantt-110010.  The BID must be submitted in hard copy on any working day at the CLAWS on or before 1000hrs on 31 Aug 2017.  The BIDs received shall be opened on  31-08-2017 at 1200hrs.


            BID submitted through any other mode shall not be entertained.  Please note that Dir CLAWS, reserves the right to accept or reject all or any bids without assigning any reason whatsoever.



                                                                                                Sd/- Dy Dir,

                                                                                                CLAWS, RPSO Complex

                                                                                                Army Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt-10

                                                                                                Email – [email protected]

                                                                                                            [email protected]









1.      Author a readable account of Sino-India War 1962 in a lucid and eminently interesting form so as to reach out to the younger generation to inculcate interest in Military reading.


2       Narrate the Historical background to Include the Shimla Accord and the dispute over the sovereignty of Aksai chin and Arunachal Pradesh.


3.      Highlight the Strategic/Significant events that led to war to Include :-


          (a)     Tibet and border dispute.


          (b)     Diplomatic parleys to resolve the boundary issue.


          (c)     The fwd policy.


          (d)     Early incidents.                                                                                                             


4.      Chinese and Indian preparation for the war.


5.      Confrontation at Thang La.


6.      Chinese offensive in Eastern and Western Theatre.  


7.      Ceasefire.


8.      The aftermath.


9.      Lessons learnt.


How to apply:

Please send your application and CV by email at [email protected] or by post to:-

Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)
RPSO Complex
Army Parade Ground
Parade Road
Delhi Cantonment
New Delhi-110010

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