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Vacancy at CLAWS


1.         Vacancies of Research Intern are available at Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS). CLAWS is an independent ‘Think Tank’ under the army and function five days a week from 0930 hours to 1730hrs.


            (a)       Essential Qualifications.  


(i)        Graduate or equivalent degree with IT skill  in  the field  for research work  any one of    the vertical     related to Global and Regional Security/National   Security /Military Strategy and Doctrine/ Military Technology, Defence Acquisition and Management.

(ii)       Higher Educational Qualifications will be preferred. 



            (b)       Consultancy FeeRs 10,000/- per month approximately  


2.         Charter of Duties:-



(a)       Write minimum two web articles per quarter as per CLAWS research area.


(b)       Liaise with government departments, educational institutions Think Tanks and individuals, as applicable and use available material documents, records etc for research including travel outside Delhi.


(c)    Compile, transcribe and edit papers and proceedings of events like seminars, discussions etc, held by CLAWS, for their eventual publication in the form of a book/monographs/research paper.


(d)       Assist other researchers to organize events for CLAWS.


(e)        Any other task assigned by Director/Additional Director or as delegated. Sunch taks may include maintaining the library, archives and website or CLAWS, looking after publication etc.


(f)        It is mandatory to attend all seminars/RTs organized by CLAWS.


2.         Requested to forward updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) by 30 December 2016 at [email protected] and [email protected] . Interview of eligible candidates will be scheduled on 06 January 2016 at 1100hrs at CLAWS. 



Establishment of Research Council


  1. A  Research Council at CLAWS is propose to be establish to provide inputs for research standards to be maintained at CLAWS.  Research Verticals as given below:- 
  2. The Research Council will be lead by lead by a former COAS.  
  3. CLAWS Solicits following research council members:- (a) Veteran Member:- Former President Executive council CLAWS/Director CLAWS or PSU at Army HQ. (b) Academia (Phd Qualifies):- Professors in recognized university in NCR/ Distinguished Fellow at Think Tank in NCR.
  4. Charter OF Duties

          (a)To provide guidance for standards of study and  research at    CLAWS.

          (b)To advice on research policies, validation and review of research work.

          (c)To act in an advisory capacity in planning priorities and long- term goals of CLAWS. Advice in formulation of                            details of  yearly calendar for research subjects and seminar to be conducted at CLAWS.

          (d)To advice Director in fostering close connection with research org, universities and other professional institutes.

          (e)To facilitate and provide advice in regard to Intellectual Property Right (IPR).

          (f)To consider and make recommendation for selection, promotion and extension of tenures of following research                        scholars at CLAWS:-

                      (i)    Distinguished Fellow.
                      (ii)  Visiting Fellow            
                      (iii)Senior Fellow.
                      (iv) Research Fellow.
                      (v) Associate Fellow.
                      (vi)  Web Researcher cum Manager.
                      (vii) Publication manager.

         (g)   To recommend norms for peer reviewers, research examiners and editors.  

             5. Honorarium & Meetings.

            The honorarium will be paid as given in the CLAWS administrative rule book. The  Research Council will                               meet twice in a financial year. Additional meeting if required will be approved by DGPP & President Executive                       Council.



Desired members are request to forward CV by 07 July, 2017 at [email protected] and [email protected]. Any queries can be addressed to the above Email ID or Telephone number 011 2569 1308/ 011-25687360. 



How to apply:

Please send your application and CV by email at [email protected] or by post to:-

Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)
RPSO Complex
Army Parade Ground
Parade Road
Delhi Cantonment
New Delhi-110010

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