Pakistan’s Strategic Choices – Abyss Or Albatross

While the COVID-19 earlier and China thereafter has kept India occupied along Northern Borders, Pakistan faded out of the prominent and popular domestic narrative...

07/02 | Pakistan: The Changing Security Dimension

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08/09 | Limited War, Hybrid War, and Grey-Zone Conflict: Correcting Flawed Strategic Ideas

Dr. Donald J. Stoker Senior Fellow Atlas Organization, Washington DCProgramme Schedule

02/09 | Private Military Companies: Indian Outlook

 Objective of the Webinar Private  Military Companies are private business entities whose activity consists of the provision of services of military and/or security character which...

CLAWS Journal

Winter 2019

CLAWS Journal - Winter 2019Contents Note from the Editor Contextual Evolution of Hybrid Warfare and the Complexities Hybrid Warfare: Battlegrounds of the Future ...

Summer 2019


Scholar Warrior

Spring 2020

Scholar Warrior  Spring - 2020 From the Desk of the Editor  Section I : National Security, Land Warfare and StrategyMilitary Modernisation in the Era of Limited...

Autumn 2019

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Strategic Studies: Essays

Field Marshal Manekshaw Essay Competition – 2020-21 on the theme National Security

We are inviting young scholars from all universities in India, to take part in the Field Marshal Manekshaw Essay Competition by submitting their research papers on the...

Intern Articles

Annual Reports on the Development of International Relations in the Indian Ocean Region (2014-2018),...

 Annual Reports on the Development of International Relations in the Indian Ocean Region 

Kashmir Conflict: Militancy in the Digital Age

Jammu and Kashmir have been a source of conflict between India and Pakistan for more than 70 years. The volatile security situation in the...

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Galwan- The Catalyst for Transformation of Global and National Strategic Perceptions on China

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army committed yet another Himalayan Blunder on 15 June 2020 in the Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh, amid the Global...

Cyber Warfare In Qatar Crisis

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" - Sun Tzu With every passing incident that gets reported, Cyber Warfare, particularly...

Retaliation As Response To Terrorist Attacks : India’s New Normal

हित-वचन नहीं तूने माना, मैत्री का मूल्य न पहचाना, तो ले, मैं भी अब जाता हूँ, अन्तिम संकल्प सुनाता हूँ। याचना नहीं, अब रण होगा, जीवन-जय...

Pakistan-Israel Relations: Decoding The Strategic Silence

Divya Malhotra is a Non-resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute, New Delhi, working on Pakistan-Middle East relations. I am also in the final year...