Re-Appraisal Of Revenue Expenditure Of Indian Army : Perception Management

‘‘Only those who are ideologically opposed to military programs think of defence budget as the first and best place to get resources for social...

13/11 | Talk on Understanding the “Security Dilemma” in India-China Relations

About the Talk: India-China relations have long been a mix of cooperation and conflict. The dynamics between the two countries, often known as the heralders...

CLAWS Journal

Summer 2018

CLAWS Journal - Summer 2018Contents Naga Peace Accord: Dilemma for the Rest of India's Northeast Sino US Strategic Tensions under Xi and Trump:...

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Hong Kong Crisis: One China Policy and the Stakes

Historically, the legitimacy of Communist Party of China (CPC) has often been put to test. Of which, the biggest example was the 1989 Tiananmen...

Expected Gains Vs Estimated Opportunity Costs: Production Forests

The draft Indian Forest Act, 2019 that was proposed by the Union Government in March this year, has once again sparked a national debate...

Ethics: At the Heart of the Profession of Arms

Introduction. Ethics are the heart of the Indian Army and the inspiration for our shared professional identity; the who, why and how of our...

Pakistan-Israel Relations: Decoding The Strategic Silence

Divya Malhotra is a Non-resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute, New Delhi, working on Pakistan-Middle East relations. I am also in the final year...

India’s Defence Exports: Status, Strategy and Solution

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