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‘Act of War’- Conventional or Unconventional War?

It is an ‘act of war’ proclaimed the US Secretary of State – without declaration of war.  14 September 2019, a major Saudi Arabian...

Sino-Indian Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

As the world’s centre-of-gravity shifts from the West to the East, the Indo-Pacific has emerged as a region of immense interest for major global...

India’s Intelligence Apparatus: The Road Ahead

Intelligence is a profession that is hardly spoken about and even sparsely written about.  Broadly defined as a ‘collection of clandestine activities, intended to...

Is India Sensing a Lifting of the Iranian Sanctions?

In a span of a month, there has been a sense of commotion and confusion revolving around the Persian Gulf and the United States’...

Hong Kong Crisis: One China Policy and the Stakes

Historically, the legitimacy of Communist Party of China (CPC) has often been put to test. Of which, the biggest example was the 1989 Tiananmen...

Changed Environment in Jammu and Kashmir: Jettisoning Clichés

On 08 April 1989, Mr Jagmohan, the Governor on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) wrote to the PM of India, “”...the situation is fast deteriorating;...

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