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Financial Action Task Force Needs to Act on Pakistan’s Perfidy

With the review of Pakistan's status by the Financial Action Task Force due this month, Islamabad is trying to put its best foot...

Counter China’s Design on India – China Border

While India and China are in constant dialogue at diplomatic and military levels, to find short-term and long-term solutions to the conflict; the five-month-long...

Defence Preparedness & India’s Response in Ladakh: Reflections

Introduction Security and protection of National Interest rest squarely on the heads and shoulders of the Governments regardless of which political party forms the government,...

Oman’s Strategic Duqm Port and India’s Opportunities

Traditionally, India’s West Asia policy was majorly seen through the lens of its huge diaspora residing there, the energy trade and the cultural connect....

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Counter Terror Operations: Neural Network-Based Classification Analysis for Subversion Control

The Indian Security Forces have been embroiled with Pakistani state-sponsored terrorism in J&K since the time Pakistan first used mercenaries wholly backed by its...

India-Nepal Energy Cooperation

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Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis and Its Impact on India

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