03/02 | Talk on South Asia: Evolving Regional Dynamics

Michael Kugelman DEPUTY DIRECTOR AND SENIOR ASSOCIATE FOR SOUTH ASIA // ASIA PROGRAM Bio Summary: Michael Kugelman, the Deputy Director of the Asia Program and Senior Associate...

14/01 | RTD on India-China Relations between CLAWS and Academy of Military Sciences-PRC

About the Academy of Military Sciences The Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) is the leading force of the PLA’s wide military research. The AMS is...

CLAWS Journal

Summer 2018

CLAWS Journal - Summer 2018Contents Naga Peace Accord: Dilemma for the Rest of India's Northeast Sino US Strategic Tensions under Xi and Trump:...

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Transnational Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Impact on India

Transnational Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Impact on India By Shivangi Dikshit Introduction In May 2017, Marawi City in the Mindanao Island of the Philippines became witnesses to...

Political Crisis in Iraq: Challenges for India

October 2019, saw Iraqi citizens come out on the streets to protest against their government. The protest, that began as small rallies in certain...



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Escalating Tensions in the Strait of Hormuz: India’s Responses

The Middle East, since early this year, witnessed a sequence of events pertaining to the political and economic dimensions of the region.  The exit...

Make in India: Indian Army Initiatives Since 2016

Why this Initiative? Since January 2016, the Indian Army has taken an unusual and extraordinary interaction which is generally miles away from the ‘Holy Cow’...

Use of deception in Warfare: Case of Russia

Deception has been a potent tool since the inception of warfare. It is an integral part of any military doctrine. The most well-known book...

Pakistan-Israel Relations: Decoding The Strategic Silence

Divya Malhotra is a Non-resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute, New Delhi, working on Pakistan-Middle East relations. I am also in the final year...

India’s Defence Exports: Status, Strategy and Solution

India’s-Defence-Exports ⇐ (Click Here to Download)