Re-Appraisal Of Revenue Expenditure Of Indian Army : Perception Management

‘‘Only those who are ideologically opposed to military programs think of defence budget as the first and best place to get resources for social...

13/11 | Talk on Understanding the “Security Dilemma” in India-China Relations

About the Talk: India-China relations have long been a mix of cooperation and conflict. The dynamics between the two countries, often known as the heralders...

CLAWS Journal

Summer 2018

CLAWS Journal - Summer 2018Contents Naga Peace Accord: Dilemma for the Rest of India's Northeast Sino US Strategic Tensions under Xi and Trump:...

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Struggling for Habitat Rights: The Case of Abhujmarias

Abhujmarh, located in the dense and undulated terrain of the Dandakaranya forests, is the only region of the country without a revenue map, even...

Chabahar and Taliban: India’s Opportunity to be a Regional Stakeholder?

  India’s perceptive on the strategic importance of the Chabahar port in Iran can be a well-earned asset if dealt properly. Since 2001, India has...

AI-Nuclear Menace: Emerging Trends

  In contrast to the bipolar world order during the Cold War, the world today witnesses multipolarity characterised by the existence of Nuclear Weapons States...

Pakistan-Israel Relations: Decoding The Strategic Silence

Divya Malhotra is a Non-resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute, New Delhi, working on Pakistan-Middle East relations. I am also in the final year...

India’s Defence Exports: Status, Strategy and Solution

India’s-Defence-Exports ⇐ (Click Here to Download)