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India-China Border Dispute: The McMahon Line and Tawang

Introduction India and China have a long shared history of what could be arguably defined as one of the world’s most intense, vulnerable and complex...

Book Review | China and India: Cooperation of Conflict?

The book “China and India: Cooperation or Conflict” is a joint endeavour of an Indian professor Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu and a Chinese senior research...

Book Review | Cold Peace: China-India Rivalry in the Twenty-First Century

India and China, the two countries deemed to be the world’s fastest-growing economic and political powers today, have long shared a history that is...

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Introduction Indian Army has been in active combat for the past three decades primarily owing to the asymmetric threat it has been countering. It has...

Book Review | Turkey’s Regional Approach in Afghanistan: A Civilian Power in Action

The book Turkey’s regional approach in Afghanistan: a civilian power in action by Dr. Saban Kardas is a policy brief of Turkey’s wide range...