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Pakistan’s Nuclear Sabre-rattling: Tactical Nuclear Weapons are Unusable during War

Several times since India’s air strikes on the terrorist training facility at Balakot in Pakistan in February 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his...

Regional Instability Continues Unabated

The emerging polycentric new world order is marked by growing friction among the major powers, particularly tensions between Russia and the United States vis-à-vis...

Defining Terrorism in the Age of ‘New Terrorism’

Terrorism, the latest scourge that has infested geo-politics with violence organised by both state and non-state actors, has defied definition because of its complexity....

National Security Perspectives

The book, National Security Perspectives: A Critical Anthology of Writings by Gautam Sen is a collection of Professor Sen’s recent publications and lectures delivered...

Afghanistan: A Role for India

The Af-Pak region is perceived as the base of global and regional terrorism, with the presence of international terrorist groups such as the Al...

Future Wars

Today the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the nature of conflict. This reality has forced a global shift on focusing effort and...

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