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Internal Security Challenges to India in 2020 and Beyond

Click Here⇒ Internal Security Challenges to India in 2020 and Beyond

Kashmir: The Victim of a Non-Linear Conflict Trap

Strategy of Conflict Trap Civil wars have replaced conflicts between states as the most pervasive and violent armed struggles in the world. The conflict in...

Rise of China: A Military Challenge to India

China is on the cusp of becoming a global superpower in the next two decades, if its economic rise continues uninterrupted. However, economic growth...

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Evolution of Warfighting Strategy in India

 “The Indian Army’s prevailing doctrine leaves the military with two main choices: do nothing or risk wars it cannot win. The Indian Army needs...

Pakistan Tango with Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

FATF or it's not so common French Name Groupe d’action Financiere (GAFI) was constituted on 14th July 1989 by a group of G-7 countries...

Book Review: Pakistan: The Balochistan Conundrum

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