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Internal Security Challenges to India in 2020 and Beyond

Click Here⇒ Internal Security Challenges to India in 2020 and Beyond

Kashmir: The Victim of a Non-Linear Conflict Trap

Strategy of Conflict Trap Civil wars have replaced conflicts between states as the most pervasive and violent armed struggles in the world. The conflict in...

Rise of China: A Military Challenge to India

China is on the cusp of becoming a global superpower in the next two decades, if its economic rise continues uninterrupted. However, economic growth...

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Defence ties between India and Indonesia: A New Thrust for Security Partnership

India and Indonesia share deep historical and civilisational relations as well as close cultural and commercial bonds. Indonesia has also been instrumental in the...

Independent Domain of China’s Cyberspace Operations

The transformation of the Chinese Military from September 2015 greatly emphasised on new Strategic Support Force (SSF), bringing about significant changes in warfighting and organizational...

The Security Situation in ‘Naya’ Jammu and Kashmir: An Year Since Abrogation of Article...

August 5, 2020, will mark the first anniversary of the abrogation of the temporary provision of Article 370 of the Constitution of India. It...