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Counter Processes to Radicalisation

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Sub-Tactical General

It was circa 2007, the military intelligentsia was grappling with the aftershocks of Op Iraqi Freedom and Israel-Lebanon War of 2006, and yours truly...

Information Age Operations: Beyond Joint Services

An overarching role of Information Warfare (including cyberspace), space and special operations in support of modern day military operations at strategic, operational and tactical...

Balance Of Power In Between India & Pakistan: Reset Button Pressed

Balance of power is one of the oldest and most enduring concepts in a geo-strategic environment preying on mistrust and hegemonic design of powerful...

Strategic Bankruptcy Of Pakistan

If strategy is the pathway between means and ends, then today Pakistan is careening toward strategic insolvency along with an economic one. Following the...

Ethics: At the Heart of the Profession of Arms

Introduction. Ethics are the heart of the Indian Army and the inspiration for our shared professional identity; the who, why and how of our...

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