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Brawn Drain: The New Challenge

Read Here ⇒ Brawn Drain: The New Challenge

Theatre Commands – A Conceptual Approach

What should Theatre Commands essentially be?    There is little information on the on-going deliberations regarding theaterisation emanating from the Department of Military Affairs (DMA)....

Digital Transformation and The Mechanised Forces: A New Era Or A Chimera?

Skyfall (2012) Q to 007:        Well, I’ll hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pyjamas before my first cup of...

‘Fighting Dirty’ Through Pandemics and Lockdowns

Blue Land has long standing territorial disputes with Red Land and Yellow Land over the past many decades. A highly infectious pandemic has broken...

Retaliation As Response To Terrorist Attacks : India’s New Normal

हित-वचन नहीं तूने माना, मैत्री का मूल्य न पहचाना, तो ले, मैं भी अब जाता हूँ, अन्तिम संकल्प सुनाता हूँ। याचना नहीं, अब रण होगा, जीवन-जय...

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The Backdoor Uncovered in XZ Utils Library – A Cause for Concern among Linux...

Abstract             At the end of March 2024, the IBM subsidiary Red Hat Inc gave an urgent notice of a malicious backdoor in the XZ...

Gilgit-Baltistan: Unveiling the Strategic Significance and Political Dynamics

Read Here ⇒ Unveiling the Strategic Significance and Political Dynamics of Gilgit-Baltistan

Strategic Motivations Behind China’s Aggression at the Line of Actual Control

Abstract The Line of Actual Control (LAC) has emerged as a focal point of geopolitical tension. China's assertive actions in the region raise significant concerns...

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