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Israel in Warsaw 2.0: An A+ in Netanyahu’s Report Card?

On 13-14 February, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a rather unusual meeting in Poland. It was a two-day long US-led Middle Eastern Conference which...

Changing Dynamics in West Asia: Special Case of Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran

Countries in the West Asian region were created through agreements, settlements, and declarations and in some cases evolved out of revolutions. The references are...

Sustaining Blue Economy and Indian Challenges

The concept of sustainable development is the core idea behind Blue Economy and is reflected in its definition. The term was first coined during...

Sustainable Development and the Wobbly Middle Eastern Table

Sustainable development has become the “catchphrase” in the present times. With the majority of countries in the Middle East adopting Vision’s as part of sustaining their development,...

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Counter Processes to Radicalisation

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Digital Transformation and The Mechanised Forces: A New Era Or A Chimera?

Skyfall (2012) Q to 007:        Well, I’ll hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pyjamas before my first cup of...