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Non-Lapsable Modernisation Fund for Defence Forces

Defence Forces are a Premier Public Good shared by Centre and States for provision of National Security. Indian Army has been at the fore...

From Human Wave to Info Wave: China’s Propaganda Warfare

The Chinese have been very conscious of the changing nature of warfare which is evident in their military doctrine evolving from People’s War to People’s War Under...

The Expanding Domains of War

Introduction Technological and sociological changes have brought about a paradigm-shift in the understanding of war, battle-field, and indeed, victory and defeat. Warfare has metamorphosed from...

Blacklisting Masood Azhar – Some Reflections

Introduction In response to the repeated blocks by China with respect to listing of Masood Azhar under the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999)...

The ‘Final Offensive’ by US-Backed Forces Against IS: Is it Really the End?

  Introduction The build-up to the United States (US)-backed Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) ‘final battle’ can be seen in the December 19, 2018 tweets by President...

West Asia: An Overview of Recent Important Developments

India considers West Asia her extended neighbourhood. The region is of paramount importance to us in terms of energy security, diaspora, foreign remittances, shared...

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Evolution of Warfighting Strategy in India

 “The Indian Army’s prevailing doctrine leaves the military with two main choices: do nothing or risk wars it cannot win. The Indian Army needs...

Pakistan Tango with Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

FATF or it's not so common French Name Groupe d’action Financiere (GAFI) was constituted on 14th July 1989 by a group of G-7 countries...

Book Review: Pakistan: The Balochistan Conundrum

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