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Net-Centric Warfare

Network-Centric warfare (NCW) originated in the United States wherein a concept of a “system of systems” was first published by the Institute of national...

Army Aviation 2025

Indian Army aviation became an independent corps of the Army in 1986. Today, Army Aviation has the largest number of helicopters amongst the three...

Special Forces

India has been fielding a variety of Special Forces since the early 1960s. They include the Para Commandos of the Army, the MARCOS of...

Army 2020

The Indian Army has an unenviable reputation for professionalism, discipline and dedication to duty. It has excelled in the most trying operational conditions in...

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Jammu & Kashmir: The Real Side of the Story

Jammu & Kashmir: The Real Side of the Story “In 1979, we had introduced religious militancy in Afghanistan to benefit Pakistan, and to push the...

Lifelines of Terror in Pakistan

Lifelines of Terror in Pakistan- -Katyayinee Richhariya They say money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant and it has been effectively put to service...