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Fighting Radicalisation to Counter Terrorism in India

Increasing radicalisation across the globe has been a major source of concern for security agencies world over. While the most common thread that the...

India-Bangladesh Relations: An Overview of Successes and Challenges

Click Here⇒India-Bangladesh Relations: An Overview of Succes and Challenges 

Indian Media and Foreign Relations: Analysing Indian Media’s Recent Coverage of Nepal

Media and Foreign Relations A country’s foreign policies impact its cooperation with its international partners on various issues including business and trade, security, disaster management,...

COVID-19 Impact on Global Militaries

The world is struggling today as it tries to combat COVID-19 pandemic and the people strive to reclaim some sense of normalcy in their...

Leverages for India in a Post COVID-19 World

The COVID-19, the global pandemic has perhaps been the biggest disruptor of routine life since the second world war with global economies and common...

India-Nepal Tensions: More than about Lipulekh and Kalapani?

The India-Nepal relations witnessed a diplomatic spat over the inauguration of the Mansarovar Link Road – a strategic connector that links Pithoragadh in Uttrakhand...

Non-Traditional Security & COVID-19: Challenges for India

National Security, in India, is generally viewed from the traditional lens of conventional-military threats faced by the nation. The Non-Traditional Security (NTS) threats and...

Evolution of Regional and Sub-Regional Cooperation in South Asia

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) The first substantial initiative for regional cooperation in South Asia was taken by Bangladesh President General Ziaur Rahman...

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Evolution of Warfighting Strategy in India

 “The Indian Army’s prevailing doctrine leaves the military with two main choices: do nothing or risk wars it cannot win. The Indian Army needs...

Pakistan Tango with Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

FATF or it's not so common French Name Groupe d’action Financiere (GAFI) was constituted on 14th July 1989 by a group of G-7 countries...

Book Review: Pakistan: The Balochistan Conundrum

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