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Front Organisations: The Valley’s Homegrown ‘Resistance’ or Pakistan’s Evolving Terrorism Tactics?

Introduction It is certainly not dubious that from the early years of its Independence itself, Pakistan has sought a sense of achievement by brewing trouble...

Book Review | K-File

Bashir Assad is a writer and journalist based in Srinagar. He primarily writes about Kashmir, national security, and the various dynamics of the ongoing...

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Drone Wars in Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh: Lessons Learnt

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Developing AI in Combat Healthcare

Introduction Indian Army has been in active combat for the past three decades primarily owing to the asymmetric threat it has been countering. It has...

Book Review | Turkey’s Regional Approach in Afghanistan: A Civilian Power in Action

The book Turkey’s regional approach in Afghanistan: a civilian power in action by Dr. Saban Kardas is a policy brief of Turkey’s wide range...