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Fighting the Global Jihadi Movement

Introduction As this article is being written, the international community is patting itself on the back for having conducted brilliant counter-terrorism operations and defeating some...

Serial Bomb Blast in Sri-Lanka

Introduction As a series of eight blast tore through Sri Lanka in and near the capital on Easter Sunday, the world watched on in horror...

End of the Islamic State?

Introduction The last of the terrorist fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) are currently being driven out from their last holdout in the eastern Syrian...

Taliban and Talks

Introduction Taliban conducted its deadliest attack yet at the training centre of the National Directorate for Security in Maidan Wardak province, west off Kabul on...

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Preliminary results for the Afghanistan Presidential elections were finally declared on 22 Dec 2019 and although it has not brought the curtain down on...

The Afghanistan Papers: Missing Fallout

The Washington Post in early Dec’19 ran a series of articles called “The Afghanistan Papers - A Secret History of the War”. The articles...

After Soleimani, US-Iran Tensions in the Middle East: Where is it heading to?

On 3 January, the United States officially accepted to have conducted targeted drone strikes at the Baghdad airport which killed Iranian Quds Forces Commander,...