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“South Asia: Evolving Regional Dynamics”

Regional dynamics in South Asia have been rapidly evolving. The manifestations of these shifts in the geopolitical environment can be analysed through four prominent...

Should India assume a larger role in resolving Myanmar’s ethnic conflicts?

In a recent development, the Arakan Army, an ethnic armed group that operates in the Rakhine and Chin states of Myanmar and is designated...

Left Wing Extremism Annual Report Card 2018-19: Hits and Misses

The Ministry of Home Affairs released its Annual Report for 2018-19 last month. The overall decline in the number of incidents of Maoist violence...

Arakan Army’s threat to ‘Act East’: India’s Options

The abduction of five Indian Nationals in the Rakhine state of Myanmar by the Arakan Army (an ethnic insurgent group) last Sunday raised tensions...

Pakistan’s priority: Pakistani Awaam or Kashmir-obsession?

"It is high time that the country became ruthlessly realistic about its limitations and priorities. First and foremost, Pakistan's survival must precede everything else,...

Jamtara: Tracing India’s Emerging Phishing (and Maoist funding?) Hub

Of late, phishing has emerged as the most popular means of online frauds globally. The RSA Quarterly Fraud Report of 2018 establishes this statement...

The Crypto-debate: De-emphasising India’s Red Corridor?

Since its inception, the use of cryptocurrency in terror attacks as major as the 2015 Paris attacks has taken the governments across the world by...

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