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Military Academies: Cradles for Indian Military Leaders

“Don’t come up, I will handle it.” This line to his fellow soldiers by Maj Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Ashoka Chakra, an NDA alumnus, who laid down...

Expected Gains Vs Estimated Opportunity Costs: Production Forests

The draft Indian Forest Act, 2019 that was proposed by the Union Government in March this year, has once again sparked a national debate...

Struggling for Habitat Rights: The Case of Abhujmarias

Abhujmarh, located in the dense and undulated terrain of the Dandakaranya forests, is the only region of the country without a revenue map, even...

Identifying The ‘Organisational Base’ of Left-wing Extremism in India: Women Naxals

IntroductionLeft-wing Extremism (LWE) is currently believed to be the gravest threat to India’s Internal Security, and has been so for four decades now. Although...

Identification of Stakeholders – Assessing Left-wing Extremism in India

Successive governments (both state(s) and Centre) have been deriving newer methods for tackling the menace of Left Wing Extremism in India for the past...

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