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Book Review | Contest for the Indo-Pacific: Why China Won’t Map the Future

The Indo-Pacific region has turned into one of the most critical regions in the 21st century, affecting the entire world's power dynamics. As the...

The Rise of Open Source Intelligence: Impact to the security and public discourses

Introduction: As the skies in Nagorno Karabakh were grim with Azeri UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) targeting Armenian military targets such as tanks, artillery positions, and...

Indo-French Relations: The New Strategic Contours

INTRODUCTION India and France have been enjoying a steady and fruitful relationship over the years. Post-Independence, India experienced a globally stable yet a ‘fluctuative relationship’...

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Is Covid-19 Crisis Giving Breathing Space to Naxalism in India?

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the world like never before. For the first time, the globalized world remains standstill. In the Indian context,...

Book Review | Spying from Space: Constructing America’s Satellite Command and Control Systems

The book Spying from Space: Constructing America’s Satellite Command and Control Systems” by Dr David Christopher Arnold (Col USAF-Ret), published by Texas A&M University...

China’s Rising Pressure on Bhutan’s Borders is Aimed at India

Druk-yul, as Bhutan is called in its national language, is a small Himalayan state clubbed between two rising global powers, India and China. While...