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Sudden Covid-19 Surge, India needs a robust policy to keep Internal security Intact.

The sudden surge in the Covid-19 cases across the nation has created massive turmoil among the ordinary people. In a sudden turnaround in April...

‘HIRA’ Model of Development: Making Tripura a Doorway to the Northeast

Introduction On 10 March, The honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina virtually inaugurated 'Maitri-Setu' or India-Bangladesh Friendship Bridge over Feni river...

Myanmar Coup: Threat to India’s Internal Security and Challenge to India’s Foreign Policy

On 01 February, Myanmar’s democratically elected members of the National League of Democracy (NLD) have been disposed of by the military junta, also known...

China’s ‘Thousand Grains of Sand’ Approach to Intelligence Collection

In September 2020, a freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma was arrested by Delhi police under the Official Secret Act (OSA) for spying for the Chinese...

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Defence diplomacy as a concept emerged in the post-Cold War era in order to deal with the new set of challenges that the international...