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Stranded Diaspora in UAE: Will India cope up with the return migration?

Recalling what in mankind’s history is known as the biggest civilian evacuation during the 1990 Gulf War, as almost 1,70,000 Indians were airlifted from...

Qatar ‘Crisis’ in the times of ‘Corona’ Pandemic- India’s ‘Concern’

With major business forums and sporting events staying postponed or cancelled, the Covid-19 pandemic over the last month or so, has not only affected...

Development of Port at Chabahar : Prospective Cog in India-Iran Relations

Development of Port at Chabahar: Prospective Cog in India-Iran Relations

Iran’s Role in India’s Energy Calculus

Iran’s Role in India's Energy Calculus 

Covid-19 and Kerala: A Model for Medical Securitization

With the cause yet to be confirmed, the outbreak of novel corona virus (Covid-19) in the town of Wuhan in the Hubei province of...

Protests in Iraq and Lebanon- Signs of Arab Spring 2.0

While the cause for the uprising is quite similar, if not for the flags of Iraq and Lebanon, the differentiation is quite interesting. In...

Is India Sensing a Lifting of the Iranian Sanctions?

In a span of a month, there has been a sense of commotion and confusion revolving around the Persian Gulf and the United States’...

India’s Invitation to G7 Summit – Observations and Expectations

The world leaders joined together for the international intergovernmental economic organisation called as G7 – 45th Summit in Biarritz, France in the northern hemisphere during...

Escalating Tensions in the Strait of Hormuz: India’s Responses

The Middle East, since early this year, witnessed a sequence of events pertaining to the political and economic dimensions of the region.  The exit...

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