Army 2020

 By Lt. Gen. Vijay Oberoi

The Indian Army has an unenviable reputation for professionalism, discipline and dedication to duty. It has excelled in the most trying operational conditions in many wars and conflicts. Today, it is a highly respected army, which has built an exclusive niche for itself amongst the major armies in the world.

The 21st century has ushered in major changes in the security environment, which are modifying the nature of war. Conscious of this change, which is attributed to the revolution in military affairs (RMA), currently underway, as well as other factors, the Indian Army also wants to remain current in the coming decades, so that its structures and doctrine are in tune with the operational realities.

The nuclearisation of the region has also impacted in a major way on the regional and global security environment. Thus, there is a need for the fourth largest army of the world to take a hard and deep look at its doctrine, concepts, structures, organisations and roles.

This book examines the scenarios in which the Indian Army of 2020 will be required to operate and suggests measures for its smooth transformation in to a force of the future.

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