Challenges in the Indian Ocean Region: Response Options

 By Brig. Narender Kumar SM, VSM

Indian Ocean Region is fast becoming a competing ground between regional and extra-regional powers. The option for India is to either retain strategic autonomy by building hard power or allow the space to be encroached upon by the extra-regional powers. Global community is aware of the strategic importance of India in the Indian Ocean Region and recognises the fact that partnership with India is imperative to shape the future of this region. It is an obligation that India begins to look at IOR as a strategic strength which needs to be further consolidated and complemented by building military capability with ‘regional outlook’. The book addresses various issues with regard to capability building and employment of such a military power to protect national strategic interests and its obligation towards regional allies. As threats are multiplying, it is a necessity that India builds power projection capability in a phased manner to achieve its national objectives and also meet regional aspirations.

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