COVID-19 & Its Challenges Is India Future Ready

Today the world has stopped at COVID-19: envisaging a make or break moment for the world and its people. In this backdrop, the overarching thesis of the book is centred on offering an Indian perspective to COVID-19 and its challenges. The book seeks to examine the pandemic largely from a national security perspective. In doing so, it focuses mainly on India’s national security, which has been studied from a two-fold perspective: the politico-economic-strategic environment as impacted by COVID-19; and the criticality of non-traditional and traditional threats to India’s security, in that order of priority. The essence lies in assessing the threats, challenges and opportunities that are likely to shape India’s national security strategy in the post-pandemic world order.

With its holistic approach, the volume has nine chapters, which examine the need for India to prioritise: human security and environmental security in its national security; economic growth and sustainability in national policy; self-reliance is the key to success; taking a decisive role in the global arena; reappraisal of India’s military thinking; the evolving role of the Indian Armed Forces; and use of technology for maximising security- all aimed to shape a better future for India. The book would be of interest to politicians, policymakers, medical fraternity, practitioners, security forces, and the people of the country.