The Concept of Active Defence in China’s Military Strategy

 By Dr. Amrita Jash

About the Book

China’s Rise is driven by the self-fulfilling prophecy of the Chinese Dream of “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”- A strong country with a strong Army! Beijing’s economic miracle has translated into a call for military preparedness guided by the logic of “fight and win”. Wherein, China’s quest lies in perfecting the art of being ‘combat-ready’ with the aim of making the People’s Liberation Army a “World-Class Military”. While Beijing maintains that it has a defensive posture; however, its growing military capabilities increasing unilateral behavioural dispositions highlight an ‘offensive’ intent- demonstrating the ‘China Threat’. This very context calls for the probe: Does China Walks by Design? Thus, the need to decode ‘China’s Military Strategy. It is therefore, of interest to trace the evolution of the key concepts such as “active defence”, that define and shape China’s military strategy.

This book further advances the long standing debate on China’s military strategy from the perspective of the ‘concept of active defence’. Here, ‘active defence’ is understood from the
perspectives of its basic notions, China’s national and core interests and the aspects of its implementation to assess China’s strategic intentions and the implications of its military capabilities.This book is an attempt to provide a lucid and comprehensive account of China’s military strategy. The book would be of interest to military professionals, policy makers, academics, practitioners and China watchers.

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Dr. Amrita Jash is Research Fellow at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi. She co-edited the book on COVID-19 & Its Challenges: Is India Future Ready? with Lt Gen (Dr.) VK Ahluwalia (Pentagon Press, 2020). She holds a Ph.D in Chinese Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is the Managing Editor of the CLAWS Journal(KW Publishers).Dr. Jash is a Pavate Fellow and has been a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. She has been an Adjunct Faculty at the School of Global Affairs-Ambedkar University and a Visiting Faculty at the Department of Chinese-Sikkim Central University; a UGC Graduate Fellow (2012-2017); a US-INDIA-CHINA InitiativeFellow SAIS-Johns Hopkins University(2013); a researcher under China’s Ministry of Commerce(2014); a researcher under Harvard-Yenching-Nanching Programme (2015). In 2019, COAS Gen Bipin Rawat awarded her for contributing to the field of Chinese Studies.Dr. Jash’s research has appeared in 13 edited books, Peer-Reviewed Journals such as East Asian Policy, Review of Global Politics, Strategic Analysis, Yonsei Journal, China Report, Maritime Affairs and Strategic Vision. She has published with CSIS, RUSI, RSIS, Pacific Forum, ThinkChina, Huffington Post, E-IR, Asia Times, Munk School, Crawford School, ISDP, China-India Brief, SADF, and others. Her expertise are: China’s foreign policy, strategic and security issues; the PLA, India-China relations, China-Japan relations, and Indo-Pacific.