Future Wars

  Co-authored By Samarjit Ghosh and Brig. Gurmeet Kanwal

Today the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the nature of conflict. This reality has forced a global shift on focusing effort and resources from known and conventional threats to understanding and encountering newer forms of sub-conventional threats – ranging from intra-state conflicts to growing local and international terrorism. A key challenge that confronts policy and decision makers relates to meeting these threats collectively, but without compromising on individual national interests.

This book examines the factors influencing the changing nature and character of conflict to arrive at a clear perspective about its emerging contours in a comprehensive manner. It seeks to make a strong contribution to enhancing the understanding of both – strategic and operational level steps necessary to come to grips with sub-conventional conflict and to transform the military, other security forces and political decision-making machinery to combat emerging threats, challenges and vulnerabilities. This book will be very helpful in understanding the dimensions, complexity and nature of military force in this era of emerging and unknown enemies and threats, besides appreciating the critical role that it will play in containing or combating them.

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