Strategic Realignment and Rebalancing In India’s Neighbourhood

 By Col. Sameer Sharan Kartikeya

There is a sharp convergence in international relations in the global arena today. In fact, the nation states’ engagement in the present context has become an ‘Art of Possibilities’. The centre of gravity of the world’s pecking order, marked with economic progress, is being restored from West to East. India, against such a backdrop, stands at the cusp of its global leadership, backed by a healthy economy, strong and more expressive Armed Forces and a potent geostrategic character. India’s relation with its immediate neighbours is the key to its success in the global context. The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) nations is bounded through a common desire for growth and prosperity and have to integrate for the benefit of their people. India is the natural leader in South Asia and therefore, has to recalibrate its outreach towards its neighbours. The South Asian context cannot be completed without understanding China’s rise and its impact on the globe and the South Asian region.
The monograph has used several papers, articles, articulations in seminars and various publications on India’s attempt to recast its relations in South Asia and based its recommendations on relevant interpretations. The international relation is a dynamic process and the only constant is the ‘change’. The monograph gives the historical perspective of SAARC and India’s relation with each of the member state and provides a deep understanding of its relations with its immediate neighbours. The service officers appearing in the promotion and competitive exams will find the monograph beneficial in their quest for knowledge.
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