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General Bipin Rawat (16 March 1958 – 08 December 2021)As I heard the unfortunate demise of General Bipin Rawat - India’s first Chief of...

Bangladesh Liberation @50 Years: ‘Bijoy’ with Synergy

Read Here ⇒ Bangladesh Liberation @50 Years: 'Bijoy' with Synergy

A Paradox of Developing Strategic Infrastructure Vs Environment concerns: Where the Balance Lies?

On November 12, 2021, Attorney General K K Venugopal made an internal plea to SC asking for permission to build critical infrastructure at the...

India Must Regulate its North East Porous Border to Check Potential Golden Triangle Formation

Introduction Given the porosity along the Northeast (NE) border, drug trafficking is likely to be a huge matter of concern in the coming years. For...

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Counter Terror Operations: Neural Network-Based Classification Analysis for Subversion Control

The Indian Security Forces have been embroiled with Pakistani state-sponsored terrorism in J&K since the time Pakistan first used mercenaries wholly backed by its...

India’s AUKUS Conundrum: Security Perspectives

The AUKUS deal unveiled between the US, Australia, and the UK represents a new trilateral security partnership in the Indo-Pacific region. It involves the...

Jointness and Theaterisation: Implementation Framework

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Commemorating 50 Years of India-Pakistan War

Read Here ⇒ “Defence of the East Lies in the West” Pakistan’s Miscalculations Celebrating 50 Years of India’s Decisive Victory over Pakistan

Public Private Partnership in Maintenance Repair & Overhaul: A Viewpoint

IntroductionThe robustness of the existing infrastructure and the pace of the ongoing projects contribute greatly to the development of a nation. However, the financial...

An Important Milestone Achieved Quietly

The EventOn 21 Sep 2021, a small drone was destroyed using the L-70 gun, duly integrated with an Anti-Drone System (ADS). This integration...

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Pivotal Role of India in UN Peacekeeping Operations

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How is India responding to the crises in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka for a long time has been a source of competition between India and China given its location along critical shipping lanes. Infact,...

A Way Forward for India-Pakistan Relations: Time to Reinforce Constructive Diplomacy

Half a decade has passed since the severe breakdown of India-Pakistan relations. Today, Pakistan is embroiled in an internal crisis that needs a savior....