AFGHANISTAN: A Reality Check and The Way Ahead

Afghanistan is at the cusp of yet another transition while it searches for stability and struggles with a number of internal and external issues....

Indian Nuclear Strategy: Confronting the Potential threat from both China and Pakistan

Twenty years after the 1998 nuclear tests and the publication of India’s Nuclear Doctrine, India has continued to face endemic security challenges from both...

India’s Defence Procurement Procedure: Challenges and Way Forward with Special Reference to Offsets

Although defence offsets, being in the nascent stages are yet evolving, India’s experience so far with offsets has not been very encouraging. The offset...

Rise of China: A Military Challenge to India

China is on the cusp of becoming a global superpower in the next two decades, if its economic rise continues uninterrupted. However, economic growth...

United Nations Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution

40 million people have perished due to wars and conflicts since the formation of the United Nations in 1945 till 1990. The figures since...

Space Security : Emerging Technologies and Trends

Technology has been decisive in shaping the environment in the unique realm of Outer Space. The author has endeavoured to objectively analyse the envisioned...

Securing India’s Borders: Challenge and Policy Options

To the layman, 'defending the territorial integrity of the country', which is the Indian Army's primary role, equates to 'defending the border'. To the...

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