COVID-19: How the Indian Army Is Assisting the Govt. in Battling Coronavirus

 By Centre for Land Warfare Studies

Harsh V. Pant, Director of Studies and Head of Strategic Studies Programme at ORF, in conversation with Lieutenant General Raj Shukla, Director General Perspective Planning, discuss the Indian Army’s efforts in dealing with consequences of the crisis for the force as well as the country, and the operational reforms it might accelerate in the force, both in the short and long terms.

As India’s efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak persist through the nationwide lockdown, the Indian Army also prepares itself to assist the civil administration in boosting the national resilience architecture. How are the respective service branches of the Army contributing to the national response to COVID-19? Is there a central planning mechanism for response efforts within the military? How is the interfacing with the civil authorities proceeding? What is the immediate impact of the crisis on our military force? What kind of reforms can be accelerated by a resource crunch within it? What kind of contingency plans does the military have for assisting South Asian and other India-friendly countries? What can be said about its future operating environment? How can the Indian Army’s role in integration across multiple services be viewed vis-à-vis the CDS? What are the long term challenges that it has to tackle as a consequence of the pandemic?


Video Credit: Youtube Channel ORF.