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Pakistan: Prevailing Internal Situation and Its Implications for India

August 13, 2014
By Centre for Land Warfare Studies


All debates and panel discussions on Pakistan commence with strategies to contain it but end up giving something to them instead. This has created a monster. It is correct to refer to Pakistan as a state acting as a state suicide bomber standing before the world and saying, we will implode unless you give us something. Internationally, billions of dollars have been given to Pakistan, not realising that through this dynamic, an internal situation has been created in Pakistan where those in power enjoy the benefits while the larger country is pushed into crisis. Unless the cost is imposed on those who are perpetuating these, the situation can never be influenced. India has in fact focused on soft and politically correct options in the search for peace, not understanding that a misplaced search for peace is no more than a prelude to even greater destruction. If we need peace we must locate it in the actual character of the enemy. The idea of hatred towards India is deeply ingrained in Pakistan and it will only change if Pakistan is put in an existential threat and it seems, this choice Pakistan has already made, as it is on course to suicide. Pakistan is in grave crisis in and it is a self-inflicted one. 

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Report: Internal Situation in Pakistan -
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