21/12 | Seminar on Securing the Future Battlespace: Information and Space Warfare and Book Release Future of Land Warfare: Beyond the Horizon

 By Centre for Land Warfare Studies

Objective of the seminar:

To analyse and deliberate on how Information Warfare is an integrating domain of warfare, identify challenges in cyber enabled operations, how an effective influence-based operations can result in shaping the perceptions of the environment and study the exploitation of space domain towards advancement of national security objectives.

About the Book:

The book deals with Future of Land Warfare on the Indian subcontinent. To predict about the future is extremely difficult particularly in the field of Warfare. This is due to the fact; Wars are impacted by, Geo-Politics, Doctrine, Technology and People. Conflicts in the 21st century are short and swift with a combination of effects. By and large wars of the future would be, conventional, hybrid and would be interstate or with non-state actors. The causes could be territorial or related to historical differences, ideological biases, economic disparity, security and water distribution. Further issues could exacerbate due to impact of climate change, higher rate of population growth of minorities and sectarian or ethnic extremism.

Starting from what could initiate future wars, it goes on to cover emerging technologies, three dimensional as well as kinetic aspects of warfare like manoeuvre and firepower, and organizational issues like the theater commands. The need to revamp the Indian armed forces and recommendations thereon is its icing on the cake.

Progm Schedule:

Concept Note: