By Centre for Land Warfare Studies

On 28 May 2020, Centre for Land Warfare Studies in collaboration with Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) co-hosted a webinar on the theme “India-China @70: Implications of COVID-19 & Way Forward”.

The opening address was convened by both Director-CLAWS and President-SIIS, who also jointly moderated the proceedings of the webinar. Following this, the theme was discussed and deliberated by an esteemed panel comprising of experts from both India and China belonging to the military and academia.

The panelists comprised of- Lt Gen Ranbir Singh Distinguished Fellow (CLAWS), Prof Lin Mingwang, Vice Director of Center for South Asian Studies of Fudan University, Dr. Amrita Jash, Research Fellow (CLAWS), Prof  Guo Xuetang, Director for South Asia and Indian Ocean Region Studies of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Lt Gen Gurmit Singh, Distinguished Fellow (CLAWS) and Prof Liu Zongyi, Senior Fellow & Secretary General of South Asia and China Center of SIIS.

Both the Indian and Chinese side expressed and offered insightful perspectives on issues pertaining to COVID-19 and its impact on India-China bilateral relations, its regional and global implications, the Indo-Pacific and furthermore,  highlighted on the need and ways for India-China cooperation.

In addition, the webinar was also participated by Dr Zhang Pei, Deputy Director of International Exchanges, SIIS and Dr Li Hongmei, Fellow of the Institute for International Strategic Studies, SIIS also participated in the meeting.  From the Indian side, faculty members from CLAWS participated and significantly contributed to the deliberations and discussions.

The Webinar is also featured on the SIIS Website.