Webinar Invite | Theorising Rebellion & Irregular War: Lessons for Future Modern Militaries

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Theorising Rebellion & Irregular War: Lessons for Future Modern Militaries


Major Andrew Maher, Australian Army
Visiting Fellow Terrorism Studies,
Charles Sturt University
Non-Resident Fellow, Modern War Institute, US Military Academy, Westpoint
Chief of Army Scholar 2021

Wednesday, 27 April 2022, 1000-1130 Hrs

Virtual Mode, Cisco WebEx


About the Speaker

Major Andrew Maher is an active-duty Major in the Australian Army with a particular interest in operations conducted by, with, and through foreign forces. He has served with multiple deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq and is a military fellow, lecturer, and doctoral candidate with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Canberra. He is a visiting fellow with the Charles Sturt University Terrorism studies program, a non-resident fellow with the Modern War Institute at West Point, and a postgraduate course convenor for subjects on Irregular Warfare and the Theory of Special Operations. In 2021, he was a Chief of Army Scholar.

His military & academic commendations include Chief of Army Group Gold Commendation, 2020, Special Operations Training and Education Centre Professional Military Education team (lead staff officer), Chauvel Prize for best essay submission to Australian Army Journal 2018, for ‘Understanding our Middle-Eastern competitor: The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force’, Winner, Institute for Regional Security’s Young Strategic Writers Competition 2015: ‘Challenge of Complex Adaptive Systems: A Case Study of Daesh.’ CJTF633 Silver Commendation, Op OKRA, 2014, CJTF636 Silver Commendation, Op SLIPPER, 2014.

He was the recipient of the Sword of Honor, Royal Military College Officer training, 2003.

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