Arakan Army’s threat to ‘Act East’: India’s Options

The abduction of five Indian Nationals in the Rakhine state of Myanmar by the Arakan Army (an ethnic insurgent group) last Sunday raised tensions...

13/11 | Talk on Understanding the “Security Dilemma” in India-China Relations

About the Talk: India-China relations have long been a mix of cooperation and conflict. The dynamics between the two countries, often known as the heralders...

06/11 | Talk on Energy Security in South Asia

Theme Of The Talk  As a region, South Asia consists of developing economies which homes a large share of population which is growing steadily. With...

CLAWS Journal

Summer 2018

CLAWS Journal - Summer 2018Contents Naga Peace Accord: Dilemma for the Rest of India's Northeast Sino US Strategic Tensions under Xi and Trump:...

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China seeks to ‘Informationisation’ to Fight Modern Warfare

The 2015 White Paper on “Chinese Military Strategy” identifies that “the form of war is accelerating its evolution to informationization”, which calls for China...

India at OIC – Is it a Turning Point in India’s Diplomacy?

  In the midst of growing tensions between India and Pakistan - the south Asian neighbours, it is interesting to note that India was invited...

Cyber Warfare In Qatar Crisis

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" - Sun Tzu With every passing incident that gets reported, Cyber Warfare, particularly...

Pakistan-Israel Relations: Decoding The Strategic Silence

Divya Malhotra is a Non-resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute, New Delhi, working on Pakistan-Middle East relations. I am also in the final year...

India’s Defence Exports: Status, Strategy and Solution

India’s-Defence-Exports ⇐ (Click Here to Download)