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Important Landmarks


Visits Out

1.         March 2015

(a)       UN Peace Operations  Seminar.   Maj Aparna Bisen attended the UN Peace Operations Seminar in Australia from 16 Mar to 28 March 2015.


(b)       LOPO-2015.  Maj Zorawar Singh participated in the Law Of Peace Operations Seminar - 2015 in Australia from 16 Mar to 27 Mar 2015.

2.         May 2015

(a)       AAPTC.         Lt Col Ajay Sambyal, SM  GSO-1, CUNPK represented India in the Association of Asia Pacific Peacekeeping Training Centers (AAPTC) Workshop & Annual General Meeting at Auckland, New Zealand from 05 May – 07 May 2015.

(b)       IAPTC.           21st IAPTC executive Committee Meeting was held at Brazil from 18 - 21 May 2015. Brig Abhijit Bapat and Col S Murugesan attended the meeting.


3.         June 2015

(a)       11th Conduct of Peace Operations Course.     Peace Operations Course was conducted at International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL), Sanremo, Italy from 15 - 19 Jun 2015. Major KS Chib, SM attended the course.

(b)       Workshop on United Nations Military Unit Manuals (UNMUM).     Workshop on United Nations Military Unit Manuals (UNMUM) - Specialised Training Materials at Italy was conducted from 22 – 26 Jun 2015. Maj Abhinav Dhasmana, Deputy Team Cdr of the team involved in drafting UNMUM is attended the workshop.

4.         September 2015

(a)       Second Pilot course for Special Female Military Officer’s Course (SFMOC-2). SFMOC-2 was conducted from 07 Sep to 18 Sep 2015 in Republic of South Africa. Major Mandeep Virdi and Major Shikha Mehrotra attended the course.

SFMOC Gp pic.png










(b)       Protection of Civilians Course (PoCC).    PoCC was conducted in Malaysia from 07 Sep to 11 Sep 2015. Major Kamlesh Kumar attended the course.

(c)        Mob Trg Team, Cambodia.      A four member Mobile Training Team (MTT) proceeded to Cambodia to conduct Peacekeeping training from 21 Sep to 04 Oct 2015. The team consisted of Col MS Sachdev, Lt Col PK Tiwari, Lt Col Mupparty Sanjeev, SM and Maj Vinayak. The team was part of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Demining training team to Cambodia.

(d)       IAPTC.      21ST IAPTC Annual Conference was held from 28 Sep to 02 Oct 2015 at Brasilia, Brazil. Brig Gajinder Singh DDG SD(A) and Col Rohit Sehgal, Dir CUNPK attended the conference.


5.         October 2015

(a)       UNCMCC.         UN Civil Military Coordination Course was conducted in Tokyo, Japan from 12 Oct to 23 Oct  2015. Lt Col Abhishek Saxena and Lt Col S Ravi Prakash attended the course.









(b)       Protection of Civilians (PoC) Seminar.     Maj Sunil Kumar Sharma attended the seminar from 28-29 Oct 2015.


Delegation/ Visits at CUNPK

1.         May 2015

(a)       Japan Delegation.      A 13 member Japanese delegation visited CUNPK on 25 May 15 at Manekshaw Centre.


2.         June 2015

(a)       Indonesian Delegation.    A two member delegation from Indonesia headed by Col Adityawarman, Dy Dir of Mil Dply, DG of Def Strat Indonesian Army was received and briefed by Dir, CUNPK at CLAWS on 17 Jun 15.

3.         August 2015

(a)       German delegation.         A two member German delegation visited CUNPK from 04 Aug to 05 Aug 2015.


(b)       US Delegation.        A twelve member delegation from US was received by Dir, CUNPK  on 11 Aug 2015 at Manekshaw Center.


4.         September 2015

(a)       Philippines Delegations.      A 34 member Philippines delegation visited and interacted with CUNPK on 04 Sep 2015.


(b)       STUDY TOUR OF YOUNG GERMAN OFFICERS TO INDIA.   A 33 member German delegation interacted with CUNPK on 29 Oct 2015.


Courses Conducted

1.         January 2015

(a)       NUNC-48.     National United Nations Course-48 was conducted from 05 Jan to 09 Jan 2015. A total of 30 officers participated in the course.


2.         February 2015

(a)       UNSLOC-12.                  United Nations Staff and Logistics Officer’s Course was conducted from 02 Feb to 20 Feb 2015. A total of 44 officers contributed in the course.


3.         March 2015

(a)       NUNC-49.     National United Nations Course-49 was conducted from 09 Mar – 13 Mar 2015. A total of 53 officers participated in the course.


(b)       SFMOC-1.     The Pilot Special Female Military Officers’ Course was conducted from 19 Mar – 01 Apr 2015. A total of 32 officers participated in the course.


4.         April 2015

(a)       NUNC-50.     National United Nations Course-50 was conducted from 20 Apr – 24 Apr 2015. A total of officers 47 participated in the course.


5.         July 2015

(a)       UNMOC-15.    The United Nations Military Observer’s Course was conducted from 29 Jun 15 to 17 Jul 15. A total of 48 officers participated in the course.


6.         August 2015

(a)       NUNC-51.     National United Nations Course-51 was held from 10 Aug 2015 to 14 Aug 2015.  A total of 37 officers participated in the course.


7.         September 2015

(a)       NUNC-52.     National United Nations Course-52 was held from 14 Sep 2015 to 18 Sep 2015. A total of 27 officers participated in the course.


8.         October 2015

(a)       NUNC-53.     National United Nations Course-53 was held from 12 Oct 2015 to 16 Oct 2015. A total of 28 officers participated in the course.


Other Events

1.         May 2015

(a)       UN Peacekeepers Day      The UN Peacekeepers Day was celebrated at Manekshaw Centre on 29 May 2015. A seminar on UN peacekeeping was also organized on the occasion.


 2.        September 2015

(a)       ICRC Seminar.       Regional seminar on “Contemporary challenges in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) related to UN Peacekeeping operations” was conducted in partnership with ICRC at Manekshaw Centre on 09 -10 Sep 2015. More than 100 participants attended / participated in it.