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Are the West Asian Economies prepared for a revival in a post-Covid Scenario?

Amidst the growing concerns on the spike of coronavirus cases worldwide, major economies have taken some harsh steps to recover their economy from a...

Economy, Pandemic and the Uncertainty : Challenges for India

Click Here⇒ Economy, Pandemic and the Challenges for India

Tackling Fiscal Challenges and Emerge from ‘Covidonomy Crisis’

In 1991, the then Finance Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, announced the opening of the Indian economy, so that it can get exposed to globalisation...

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Front Organisations: The Valley’s Homegrown ‘Resistance’ or Pakistan’s Evolving Terrorism Tactics?

Introduction It is certainly not dubious that from the early years of its Independence itself, Pakistan has sought a sense of achievement by brewing trouble...

LOC-isation of LAC: Pragmatic Appreciation

In a candid statement on the floor of the Indian Parliament on 15 and 17 Sep 2020, the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated that...

Battling Cartographic Aggression against India A Reality Check

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