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Diplomacy and Cooperation: Assessing the G20 New Delhi Declaration’s Impact

Abstract In the wake of global crises, the G20 is on its way to becoming an essential forum of global governance and cooperation. This paper...

Xi Jinping’s Absence from G20: Reasons and Implications

After days of speculation the People’s Republic of China’s, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release announced that, Xi Jinping will not be...

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Tracking The Advancement of India’s Hypersonic Ambitions

In the contemporary global power competition, the term hypersonic has emerged as a new buzzword. All military powers, even less technologically advanced states like...

Preview Summary of Upcoming Manekshaw Paper | India and Tibet: Reset and a Relook

 India and Tibet: Reset and a Relook For years, India has not challenged the narrative promoted by the People's Republic of China (PRC) legitimising the...

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