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An Assessment of India’s Land Warfare Doctrine

"Doctrine is a fundamental unit of understanding for military planners and strategists"    - Carl Von Clausewitz What is a Doctrine?The word "doctrine" is believed to...

Hybrid Warfare Challenges to the Indian Defence Forces

Click Here ⇒Hybrid Warfare Challenges to the Indian Defence Forces

08/09 | Limited War, Hybrid War, and Grey-Zone Conflict: Correcting Flawed Strategic Ideas

Dr. Donald J. Stoker Senior Fellow Atlas Organization, Washington DCProgramme Schedule

Psychological Warfare of Pakistan with Respect to Jammu and Kashmir: A Case Study...

Introduction War is not always fought by weapons or military but psychologically too, where psychology is used to defeat an enemy or sway it at...

Blurring the divide: Hybrid threats in Indo-Pacific

The advancement of technology along with the existing nature and character of warfare led to the development of what is today termed as Modern...

No Lasissez-Faire After Ladakh

The India-China tensions continue across the border and as per some reports, the Chinese troops have possibly built up defensive positions at the same...

Influence Operations

Pakistan is not an Indian or a South Asian problem. It is an international issue and the world needs to take a note of...

Multi-Domain Warfare, Cross-Domain Deterrence

The concept of wars is growing ever more complicated, including all-pervasive information warfare, to applying multi-functional and multi-domain military capabilities below the threshold of...

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Pivotal Role of India in UN Peacekeeping Operations

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How is India responding to the crises in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka for a long time has been a source of competition between India and China given its location along critical shipping lanes. Infact,...

A Way Forward for India-Pakistan Relations: Time to Reinforce Constructive Diplomacy

Half a decade has passed since the severe breakdown of India-Pakistan relations. Today, Pakistan is embroiled in an internal crisis that needs a savior....