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Understanding Assam-Mizoram Border Dispute & Its Implications for India’s Internal Security

Introduction On July 26, violent clashes erupted between the Assam and Mizoram police forces which led to the killing of Assam police personnel and injuring...

Insurgency As a Spoiler: South Asian Context

Issues Meriting Importance     At the outset it should be clear that there is no international definition for the insurgency. It is commonly agreed that...

….Still the Strangers : Need for Convergence in Manipur

Click Here⇒....Still the Stranger : Need for Convergence in Manipur  

Terrorism and Insurgencies : Future Trends and Strategies to Counter

Click Here⇒Terrorism and Insurgencies: Future Trends and Strategies to Counter 

Arms Smuggling- A Threat to National Security

Introduction The concept of security has broadened over the years. Along with the traditional threats to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of a state, it...

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Options for the Northern Theater

The Northern Command (NC) appears to have been left intact in the latest structural rejigging of the army, the most consequential since Independence. The...

China’s Counter Space Capabilities

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Why Taliban’s Rise Should Worry India and its Neighbours

Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan is perhaps the most important geopolitical development of recent times. What worries global community is the possibility of...