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SUN TZU & How Not to Win

Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s will without fighting.        - Sun Tzu As military men and security analysts, we have been brought up to...

Storm of the Swarms: Lessons for India

“I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines.” —Claude Shannon The fourth...

Unpredictability: A Battle Winning Factor

Click Here ⇒ Unpredictability A Battle Winning Factor

Evolution of Warfighting Strategy in India

 “The Indian Army’s prevailing doctrine leaves the military with two main choices: do nothing or risk wars it cannot win. The Indian Army needs...

02/09 | Private Military Companies: Indian Outlook

 Objective of the Webinar Private  Military Companies are private business entities whose activity consists of the provision of services of military and/or security character which...

Ideating Structural Rebalancing

In a recent article catchily headed, The Army in Indian Military Strategy: Rethink Doctrine or Risk Irrelevance, the author states that “…Indian Army’s prevailing...

Command Conundrum: An Infinite Game

Click Here⇒ Command Conundrum: An Infinite Game

Battleground Idlib: Lessons for Mechanised Forces

Click Here ⇒ Battleground Idlib Lessons for Mechanised Forces

Pakistan’s Intransigence: Point of Inflection

The information of the martyrdom of the Commanding Officer, Major and two other ranks of 21 Rashtriya Rifles (RR), and an Inspector of JKP,...

The Importance of Strategic Communication

Strategic communication became popular as a term, about three decades ago, from the times of the First Iraq War (1990-1991). Strategic communication is a...

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Pivotal Role of India in UN Peacekeeping Operations

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How is India responding to the crises in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka for a long time has been a source of competition between India and China given its location along critical shipping lanes. Infact,...

A Way Forward for India-Pakistan Relations: Time to Reinforce Constructive Diplomacy

Half a decade has passed since the severe breakdown of India-Pakistan relations. Today, Pakistan is embroiled in an internal crisis that needs a savior....