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TLP and Pakistan State: A Radicalised Societal Rift

The Protests The capitulation of the Pakistan government days after banning Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) by agreeing to release Saad Hussain Rizvi, the TLP leader, and tabling...

25/02 | Internal Faultlines in Pakistan by Capt (IN) Alok Bansal (Retd)

CENTRE FOR LAND WARFARE STUDIES      Welcomes You for a Seminar  on  INTERNAL FAULTLINES IN PAKISTAN  By Capt (IN) Alok Bansal (Retd)  Thursday, 25  February 2021, 1100-1240 Hrs          ...

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Book Review | Spheres of Transnational Ecoviolence

“In many ways, and from the vantage point of future generations, present action and lack of action around climate change will most likely constitute...

Book Review | Open Secrets: The Explosive Memoirs of an Indian Intelligence Officer

"A king shall have his agents in the courts of the enemy, the ally, the middle and the neutral kings to spy on the...

How did the Sri Lankan economic crisis take the shape of catastrophe?

Introduction The Sri Lankan government declared an economic emergency last month after protests rocked the country over the deepening economic crisis. The country has officially...