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Sudden Covid-19 Surge, India needs a robust policy to keep Internal security Intact.

The sudden surge in the Covid-19 cases across the nation has created massive turmoil among the ordinary people. In a sudden turnaround in April...

Book Review | Economics in the Age of COVID-19

Click Here⇒ Economics in the Age of COVID 19

No Lasissez-Faire After Ladakh

The India-China tensions continue across the border and as per some reports, the Chinese troops have possibly built up defensive positions at the same...

Let’s Go Digital : Let’s Karo Na

Introduction It is a testing time for all of us as the world comes to a standstill. The COVID-19, virus spread through the labs of...

Lives or Livelihoods: Brace for Impact

The curse of mankind (which shows a  cyclic trend by occurring every 20th year in a 100 years) for the past 400 years, we...

COVID-19: How the Indian Army Is Assisting the Govt. in Battling Coronavirus

Harsh V. Pant, Director of Studies and Head of Strategic Studies Programme at ORF, in conversation with Lieutenant General Raj Shukla, Director General Perspective...

Non-Traditional Security & COVID-19: Challenges for India

National Security, in India, is generally viewed from the traditional lens of conventional-military threats faced by the nation. The Non-Traditional Security (NTS) threats and...

Indian Response To COVID–19

COVID -19 is a pandemic that has international ramifications. Spread across 187 nations of the globe, it would not only leave massive fatalities and...

The Writing is on the Wall!

This article is not about Coronavirus – COVID-19 that has shattered the world and taken it by storm.  However, to be sure, there will...

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There appear to be contradictory views within the Pak hierarchy on dialogue with India. An Indian Express report stated that during a select Iftar...