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Kuwait’s Expatriate Quota Bill: How does it concern India?

In September 2011, when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the Nitaqat (Nationalisation policy) programme, there was a huge inflow of Indian migrants flying...

India and the Gulf: Towards an Evolving Counter-Terrorism Partnership

The last two decades have witnessed a change in the status quo of the relations between India and the Persian Gulf as the two...

Stranded Diaspora in UAE: Will India cope up with the return migration?

Recalling what in mankind’s history is known as the biggest civilian evacuation during the 1990 Gulf War, as almost 1,70,000 Indians were airlifted from...

Qatar ‘Crisis’ in the times of ‘Corona’ Pandemic- India’s ‘Concern’

With major business forums and sporting events staying postponed or cancelled, the Covid-19 pandemic over the last month or so, has not only affected...

Covid-19 and the Curious Case of Iran: Will it lead to Gulf’s Version of...

What started off as pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan city of China – the novel corona virus– has become a global pandemic as...

Development of Port at Chabahar : Prospective Cog in India-Iran Relations

Development of Port at Chabahar: Prospective Cog in India-Iran Relations

Iran’s Role in India’s Energy Calculus

Iran’s Role in India's Energy Calculus 

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India’s AUKUS Conundrum: Security Perspectives

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Jointness and Theaterisation: Implementation Framework

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China Wages Total War: Can The World Afford To Play Dumb

“Total war is no longer waged by all members of one national community against all those of another. It is total … because it...