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What has Happened to Lulu?: Ponderings Over Israeli Elections

While following the recent Israeli elections, one is reminded of Charles Stanley Causley’s famous poem titled What has Happened to Lulu? The poem is...

China Factor to Watch Out for as India & Oman Expand Strategic Partnership

Located across the Arabian Sea, Oman is the closest maritime neighbour of India in the Gulf region, a close and strategic partner and a...

Protests in Iraq and Lebanon- Signs of Arab Spring 2.0

While the cause for the uprising is quite similar, if not for the flags of Iraq and Lebanon, the differentiation is quite interesting. In...

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’: Evolution of Israeli Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid conflict is not a new phenomenon; however, the concept regained greater momentum in the 21st century. The nature of warfare has completely changed from...

15/05/19 | West Asian Challenges To The New Indian Government

West Asia forms the extended neighbourhood to the sub-continent. The civilisational linkages, trade and people-to-people contacts have strengthened the relations between India and the...

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